Q/ My business details have changed, how do I get it amended on the directory?

A/ Please use the Contact Form and let us know what changes are required.


Q/ What upgrade options are there?

A/ We can offer several options, you can have your own dedicated page with your own domain name ending in .com (subject to availability), Banner Ads can be placed throughout the website. Please contact us with your requirements.

Q/ Role that the party themes play in planning a party

A/ In any event, the most important thing is the theme of the occasion. It determines how everything else is run. In planning a party, the theme of the party is central to all decisions. This is because failure to compliment the theme in every decision may lead to a completely different message when the party is all up. The party planner must ensure that he or she understands the theme of the party before coming up with the content of the party. This is such that all the ingredients towards the party reflect the theme of the party.